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BBQ Baking Olive Oil Spray Bottle Oil Vinegar Spray Glass Bottle

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Stainless Steel OilSprayer-Your best kitchen hand Put your favorite oil or vinegar in the CookingOil Sprayer, and lightly press down on the pump for an even spray. Stop wastingmoney on bottles that drip or spill. Only light hand strength is necessary topress down the pump. Our sprayer uses a state of the art air pump technologythat allows this Oil Sprayer to produce a spray that will allow you to controlthe amount of oil used while cooking. No more oil soaked meals Use this to coatyour pans, dress a fresh salad, or lightly spray on a roast before cooking itin the oven. The Oil Sprayer also features a unique filter, so you can infuseyour favorite spices and dried herbs directly in the oil, creating a robustflavor!Just fill the bottle with hottap water and add one drop of liquid detergent. Pump the cap until resistanceis felt, then spray into the sink. To rinse, repeat the sequence using freshhot water. It is recommended you clean your Cooking Oil Sprayer every 6-8 weeksto avoid oil buildup. Small enough to fit in one hand. It's a perfect size to bringfor your favorite choice of oil or salad dressings at a picnic or to use whilegrilling on the BBQ.


Product type: BBQ Baking Olive Oil Spray Bottle Oil Vinegar Spray Glass Bottle

olive oil sprayer

oil sprayer for cooking

Spatula silicone kit

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Lead-Free Glass Bottle Body Wave Bottle Body: Easy to see the amount of oil, safer and easier to clean

APS Sprinkler Shell: Environmental Material, Insect-proof, Anti-chronological and Easy to Clean

Anti-skid Bottom of Bottle: Stereo groove not counted, increase friction, effective anti-skid

Material: ABS